PowerHMS is a complete integrated Hotel Management System developed to meet the financial and operational requirements of a Hotel. It has a very user-friendly interface. All necessary accounting rules and regulations has been properly implemented into the system. It can automatically produce financial reports like Profit & Loss account,Balance Sheet,Budget Comparison and Notes to Accounts for a user definable time-frame.Unlimited number of users can work concurrently.

The main features of PowerHMS are listed below:-

Front Office

One of the keys in the Hotel Management to maximize profits is improved guest Service. PowerHMS has a system that comprises a full range of front office functionality and interfaces to other automated property system.

Reservations provides instant access to accurate room availability and rate information,so that a user can easily and accurately book individual and group reservations.Integrated guest history provides immediate guest recognition. Real time updating of room availability provides accurate control of inventory to better achieve maximum occupancy.

Check-ins and check-outs are handled efficiently with a special process and the user does not need to switch to multiple interfaces to perform this operation. Each guest can have multiple folios with automatic charge routing.Guests will appreciate less waiting,accurate folios and simple check out processes.

Back Office

PowerHMS is capable to keep track the records of different manufacturing departments, there departmental heads and employees. It has the reporting capabilities based on the departments.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage cost control system in PowerHMS is an advanced ,modular integrated system that provides for comprehensive automation of an entire Food and Beverage operation.It covers Purchase Order processing,purchasing,receiving,inventory accounting,recipe costing and posting the financial transactions in the ledger.

Sales System

PowerHMS has a very efficient Sales System supporting multiple outlets,kitchens and cashiers.It is fully integrating with the front office module for online posting of charges to guest folios,guest information and validation of billing instructions.Sales system handles all transactions relating to sales,cash receipts. The Sales System optionally linked with the Food and Beverage cost control system to update stock levels based on recipe ingredients and revenue figures based on actual sales.

Users and Security

PowerHMS has a built in security system to manage the access of the precious corporate data. Only authorized users can create, edit, delete, post, un-post or print a document in the system.

Multi Company and Multi Users

PowerHMS supports multiple companies and multiple users. It has a built in network support and thus allow multiple concurrent connections.

Backup and Restore

The backup and restore components of PowerHMS allow you to create a copy of a database. This copy is stored in a location protected from the potential failures of the server running the database. If the server running the database fails, or if the database is somehow damaged, the backup copy can be used to re-create, or restore, the database.


All sorts of Cash/Bank Books and Ledgers can be easily produced through PowerHMS. The flexible selection parameters including account groups, account ranges and date ranges allow the user to generate any book or ledger, full or partial, at any time. User can open many reports at the same time which is helpful for comparing the results of reports while working online. Reports can also be exported to different formats such as MS Excel, Word, WMF etc. PowerHMS has 100+ built in Reports.