Finance Controller


Finance Controller (FC) is a complete integrated accounting software. It has been developed for maintaining complete accounting records as well as Sales Tax record of a trading or manufacturing concern. Because of its friendly graphical user interface and search windows a person having basic knowledge of computer accounts can operate this software.

All necessary provisions of Sales Tax Act 1990 and amendments there on are properly implemented into the system. So, it makes it possible to handle all type of Cash and other transactions very easily. It provides the facility to create logical groups of accounts, products etc. and then provide an easy way to provide report selection criteria on the basis of these user defined groups.

Designed with file and record locking and support unlimited concurrent users. Data access is controlled by a very extensive but easy security system.

Designed around today’s emerging object oriented technology and client/server environments. FC provides the functionality to streamline processes, to increase productivity. FC is unmatched fully integrated, overall accounting solution.

The main features of Finance Controller are listed below:-

Cash Book

Cash Book window keeps record of all cash transactions. It is updated in two ways:


All cash transactions in Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Sales Return Invoices or Purchase Return invoices will be automatically entered into the Cash Book on approval of these documents. The automatically generated transactions are neither editable nor can be deleted directly from the Cash Book. These entries will be automatically erased when a document is un-posted.


User can manually enter all other cash receipts and payments in Cash Book. Manually entered transactions can be safely edited / deleted at any time.
Cash Book window provides a very good interface showing cash position of whole year in front of user who can easily navigate through the different months shown at top and days (for selected month) shown at bottom of screen. Cash Book automatically keeps track of opening and closing cash at any date. It highlights the days of transaction in selected month.

Bank Book

Bank Book records all transactions relating to bank accounts of the organization. The interface of Bank Book is just like as of Cash Book window except it provides a selection of different bank accounts at the top left corner of the window. User can interact with all bank accounts in Bank Book.

General Journal

All types of financial transactions except cash and bank entries can be manipulated by using General Journal window.

Sales Tax Return

Tax Return for any month can be prepared and saved in the system. Sales Tax Return Entry Window automatically calculates the Amount of Output and Input Sales Tax based on the Sales and Purchase information of that particular period. It also calculates the amount of Sales Tax Payable / (Refund ) for the same period. Any amount Carried Forward to next month will also automatically shown in the Outstanding Sales Tax Credit column in the Next Month.


Object Browser provides a very intuitive interface for browsing the information present in the System. Interface has been designed mainly for the Executive who want to quickly view the different account information. All major information objects are displayed in a tree view at the left hand side the selection of which provides the information at the right hand side. Finance Controller is very efficient in reporting, comprises a lot of reports i.e.

  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Finished Raw Material Register
  • Daily Production Report
  • Consumption and Sales/Purchase Returns
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Notes to Accounts